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Hiatus Until August

This post is both happy and sad…and woefully overdue.  The Top Hat Exchange is on hiatus until August.

This is so full attention can be turned to the total completion and editing of AIRSHIP REVENANT: BOOK ONE (working title).

Please cross your fingers, rub a crystal ball, wave a magic wand, say a prayer, light a fire, bury a bead, braid your hair, rub a rock or whatever it is that you do for luck and remember me during the upcoming month.

Many Thanks and see you in August!

-Elaine Turner

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Writing Steampunk Fiction

I let my mother show my precious query letter to a colleague at work. Normally I would not just hand something so prized to a stranger, but at one time he had worked in publishing so an educated and unbiased opinion would be fabulous.  His response: When was the movie coming out?

It was gratifying (ie I was giddy & emboldened) hearing positive feedback from a veteran, but after a few polite rejections from agents my confidence is flagging.  Thankfully I happened upon this funny and quite accurate little tidbit.

Guide to Literary Agents – QueriesAndSynopsesAndProposals.

It lists the 5 stages of querying:

1. Conceit

2. Fear

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

I personally think I’m still in the bargaining stage…which makes me quite anxious to imagine what I will be like in stage 4.


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Hello world!

Steampunk is a world centered around steam power, analytical engines, and sheer brilliance.

Steampunk is more than goggles and corsets…but of course goggles and corsets are a fabulous part of it.  I am particularly fond of my crimson corset.

I hope the Top Hat Exchange can be a place of conversation for all people who appreciate steampunk and those who are curious about a lesser known, but growing genre.

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