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Steampunk Steam!

Fall is here!  All those heavy Steampunk clothes can come out of the closet and be worn with panache!

Need some events to show off your steamy style?

Heeeeeere we go!

Steampunk November


Live entertainment, libations, games, music and more at the 2nd annual Cut Thrust and Run Steampunk November.  I had the honor of being at the 1st gathering last year, MUCH fun, but small.  I’ll be interested to see how much it has grown.

Features: Belly Dancing, Burlesque, Comedy Shows and “Electrified Dueling for the Gentle-persons”…

Starts: Nov 10 @ 2pm

Ends: Nov 11 @ 2am

Where: 492 Cordes Drive, Venus Tx 76084

Camping available for an added fee per tent.

Showdown at Unobtainium 2012: Tesla vs. Edison


Two days of musical and Vaudeville-esqe entertainment, mysterious “soon-to-be-revealed Austin maker groups”, a Maker Mad Science Lab for kids of all ages to create and experiment. A little to vague in its description for my taste, but, meh still sounds neat.  They have a good music line up such as…

Marquis of Vaudeville, Shakey Graves, and the Darwin Prophet.

Family Friendly, but watch out parents, after 10 on Saturday things get feisty.

Starts: Nov 10 noon

Ends: Nov 11 6pm

Where: Bell Farm, 119 Redbird Lane, Dale TX 78616

Prices range from $20 – $30

Not feeling the Steam? Feeling a bit more Industrial? I have just the thing.

Lord Byron’s Panoptikon

Get your dance on with Industrial, New Wave, Electro and Synthpop.

When: Nov 9 @9


Back to the steam!

Wasabassco’s 8th Anniversary Extravaganza


An amazing two day extravaganza celebrating fabulous Burlesque!  Just on night one there will be over 40 performers with over six hours of entertainment lined up for your viewing pleasure!  (If I were in New York Friday I would totally be there).

Day 1 Starts: Nov 9 @ 6pm

Day 2 Starts: Nov 10 @ 6pm

Where: City Winery, NYC

155 Varick Street, New York, New York 10013



Three rooms of music!  One dedicated to jazz, blues and classic swing. The second for Electro Swing DJs. Aaaand guess who’s behind door number 3??? That’s right MOAAAAR Burlesque, Atlanta style.

Start: Nov 9 @ 9pm (EST)

Where: XS Ultra Lounge

708 Spring Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308-1013

Steampunk Exhibition Leek

The Exhibition is a collaboration between the Derbyshire Steampunk and Time Travellers Guild and The Nottingham Steampunk Social in the UK.

The Exhibition actually began in October, and runs through November 18th.  So if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs go check out the fabulous show of artwork that this Exhibition highlights, sure to be a fabulous adventure!

Weekly on Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun until November 18, 2012

Starts: 10 am – 4 pm

Alright my steamy friends I hope you have a chance to find some Steampunk excitement this fall.  And my apologies (yet again) for my internet absence.

It has been going to good use.  I have been actively working on my upcoming novel.  It is in the editing stages.  It is tedious, but to see it coming together is truly exciting.  You’ll recognize a character or two from my short story Animatae’s Shadow.



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Steampunk: Burns and Steam

Steampunk meet the Burners.

The Man Burning- image by Aaron Logan

Steampunk communities and events are on the rise. As such it is only a matter of time until said Steampunks meet other activity driven groups such as the Burners.

Who the hell are the Burners? Ah. That’s a loaded question, so let’s get down to brass tacks.

Burners are people who attend:

1. Burning Man

2. Regional Burns (worldwide)

Responses frequently given after mentioning Burning Man is this:

Burning Man?! Isn’t that some crazy party in the desert that Malcolm in the Middle was at? Wait! Wasn’t that mentioned in a movie, where the dad kept taking his new wives to Burning Man and they were high as a kite? I didn’t think that was real!

Burning Man and all its regionals are very much real. Burning Man (the ‘main’ burn with upwards

Satellite Image of Burning Man

of 60,000 people in attendance) begins the week prior to Labor Day and ends on Labor Day Monday. It is considered an extreme festival, a survivalist camping heaven, artists haven, an epic party like you’ve never seen, etc, etc. It is a temporary city that goes up, and when all is said and done, the Burners take their trash and leave no trace after celebrating life and freedom of expression.

What IS Burning Man?

“Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.” –

Burns are where the masses go to take off the mask of day to day triviality and be who you really are. To wave your freak flag if you will.  It also gathers some of the most talented visionaries. Burning Man funds most of the huge interactive art installations that come to the Burn.

It was only a matter of time for Steampunk artists and craftsmen to venture into the Burning

Neverwas Haul - Art Car


On a small scale the lauded Airship Isabella has ventured into the Burning community. The Isabella was actually conceived at the Texas Regional Burn Burning Flipside.

Gypsy Steam Circus, is a group currently being put together for the sole purpose of bringing Steampunk, Gypsy Fusion with a dash of Circus to the Burn.  GSC will be gathering its ranks for the for Myschievia (a Regional in East Texas) over the Columbus Holiday.

I have been a Burner since 2009, I’ve made two fabulous Pilgrimages to Black Rock City (the name of the temporary city that goes up for one fabulous week).  During 2011 I bowed out of BRC to visit two regional burns, Flipside and in a few short weeks I’ll be at Myschievia.

These two Burns are quite small compared to the massive size of Burning Man, but they are no less powerful.

You may have noticed O.M. Grey’s latest tweets and Facebook posts mentioned her Pilgrimage to Black Rock City and Burning Man this year.  Steampunk is rapidly being integrated into other highly creative events and festivals.

It isn’t all about the art (when I say art I mean interactive Rubiks Cubes that are 4 stories high, that

Steampunk Octopus

can be turned by small hand held devices 20+ yards away, giant metal art pieces created for people to look at and climb on to see the view from the top).  There is also an indescribable feeling that comes over you when you stand in the middle of the desert.  For some it is a spiritual experience. Some come to the desert to find themselves, some to party, some to get away from reality, but when the Burn is over somehow Burning Man has become the reality.  It is a special place where your true self is discovered.  It can be messy and it can be beautiful.  But every year when you are met at the Gates by the Greeters, the first thing they say is “Welcome Home” and you suddenly realize it IS home.

I am so excited seeing two of the things I love most come together.  Burning Man and its subsequent regional Burns are not for everyone.  But if you have a keen sense of adventure and an open mind Burning Man might become home for you too.

For more information about Burns please see the following links.


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Steampunk: What lurks in the dark?

This past week photos were released of the abandoned subway in New York.  I

New York Subway

found the pictures on Huffington Post rather inspiring as a writer, so I wanted to share.

There was something reminiscent of Steampunk. The whole affair got my grey matter’s cogs turning.  Wouldn’t it be neat to see what other subterranean areas there are lurking beneath our heels?

If you are a fan of Steampunk fiction you are already aware that there is usually a tone of slight creepy abandonment that lies somewhere within most novels.  Thus abandoned subterranean exploration is making its début on The Top Hat Exchange.

New York Subway Tunnel

Apparently the world is riddled with underground abandonment, living tunnels, roads and workstations that look like they have jumped right out of the pages of epic Science Fiction.

I narrowed my results to the following:

Budapest, Hungary

Caves and tunnels run the gamut under Castle Hill.  Word is the

Budapest Tunnels

labyrinth dates back several centuries and it was created for military use.

Civilians used them for shelter during WWII.  Now tourists and visitors can visit the breath-taking tunnels.

If you are a glutton for the creepy you can take a flashlight tour  (I shudder to think how frightening that would be).

OR you can take a fully lit tour.  I would personally opt for this.  Hey, if I’m going to visit century old caverns I want to see what it is I’m paying for.

Now the next stop on the subterranean tour is for all you Gothic kids out there.

London, England

West Norwood Cemetery has tunnels full of coffins stuffed into crevices, man-made shelves, and simply laying out on the ground.  Exploring the deteriorating pine coffins and sturdy mahogany resting places of the dead might appeal to many out there, I think I will pass.

The spectre of ghosts and goblins still scare the wits out of this writer.

Moving on to the Magic Kingdom

Orlando, FL, USA

That is correct, the Magic Kingdom has a whole system of underground tunnels that their employees use.  Not only do Disney employees walk through the passages connecting kitchens, dining areas, and offices but the tunnels are large enough for motorized vehicles.

So as your little girl poses next to Cinderella for a Kodak moment, somewhere beneath your Birkenstocks lurks a truck creeping through the underground tunnels delivering  chicken the Disney cooks will prepare for your lunch or dinner.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Real life Hobbit House anyone? Yes please.  This fantastical home has fresh

Welsh Hobbit Home

water running into it (by gravity only) from a nearby spring and all the materials are local.  The exception is the plumbing.  Recycled materials were saved from the bin for that…seriously.  I love this house and the minds that put it together from renewable and recyclable materials.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese researcher Shun Akiba found an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system.

Japanese Spaces

The old map did not match the current maps.  As he researched further more and more inconsistencies were found.  It all points to hidden spaces underground.  Sounds like the beginning of a novel doesn’t it?  Well the Japanese government denies any hidden underground spaces.  But check out these pictures of acknowledged Japanese subterranean spaces.

Subterranean Japan

There are many, many more subterranean wonders around the world.  I could easily ramble on but I will refrain.

I mention these because I found these particular  wonders awe inspiring as an on-looker and as a writer.

Anything that sparks my imagination is (of course) interesting to me and deserves more research.

As much as I find all these wonders awe inspiring there is something almost suffocating about them.  C’mon it’s all underground! I could be buried alive!

If you would like to explore under the earth further please follow the links below for more eerie underground wonder.

All photos used are from the above websites.


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Steampunk: ÆtherFest 2011

This year is proving to be a year of firsts in the Steampunk community and I am pleased and excited about the upcoming ÆtherFest on April 29 – May 1st in San Antonio, TX. ÆtherFest is the first Steampunk Convention in the state of Texas.

I have had the honor to meet the two time traveling con-men who are the


organizers of this new convention at previous events. On top of their Steamy swagger, and panache, they have a far-reaching perspective. This is probably due to their time traveling ways… they are moving towards making ÆtherFest a non-profit.


Turning an organization into non-profit is tedious and traumatic to pure hearted folk who want their profits to go to the needy deserving. The the co-founds of ÆtherFest and the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association are on track to non-profit.  A few of the guests and attendees who are taking part of this wonderful endeavor are mentioned below.

Cracked Monocle

Cracked Monocle the game master, for better or worse, will have control of the game room! Attendees will be able to play the prized tabletop RPG, Tephra. Much excitement surrounds Cracked Monocle as their gifts extend past Tephra…you may learn more about them at their website

Emperor Justinian Stanislaus of the Red Fork Empire will be in attendance! In their own words “The Red Fork Empire (RFE) is a collective of people who want to express themselves creatively, not necessarily as professionals but because using your imagination and being creative is fundamental to truly enjoying life.” The RFE most definitely seem to truly enjoy life, please visit them at

Ay-leen the Peacemaker, will also be there! She is most known for her award-winning Steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana – Multicultural Steampunk.

“Her upcoming published work will be included in the fashion anthology Fashion Talks: Undressing the Power of Style from SUNY Press in 2012. She has also been interviewed about steampunk and its evolving subculture for many steampunk and sci-fi sites and for the books The Steampunk Bible (Abrams Image, May 2011) and Steampunk: Reloaded (Tachyon Publications, 2010).”

The musical entertainment will be a  crowd pleaser. Marquis of Vaudeville , Bones Jangle and Hipnautica. Marquis and Bones are quickly becoming the golden children of the Texas Steampunk music scene. Hipnautica will be an experience all on their own. Their sound morphs and melds. They are chameleons of the music scene, easily turning from one style to something completely different.

Multiple Airships will be in attendance, as well as the new organization SCARS.  The South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunk is a group of Airships with a common goal of growing the idea of Steampunk to uncharted territories.


The guests and workshops are not the only draw to AetherFest. The sponsoring hotel alone is a reason to come .

The locale is the historical St. Anthony Hotel, on the Riverwalk. It opened its

Peacock Alley Lobby

doors in 1909, an endeavour of wealthy cattlemen. They wanted to create the most posh hotel in San Antonio. What they didn’t expect is that their financial expert and project guide F.M Swearingen would go beyond their expectations.

Steampunk is lauded as the ‘future-past’. The St. Anthony’s Hotel mimics that in its own right.

When most citizens still rode in a horse and buggy hotel visitors wondered at


illuminated closets, and their own private bath. What was most impressive of all, bedroom lights that turned off when the guest locked their door from the outside. The St. Anthony Hotel set the standard for hotel innovations across the globe. In the hotels golden history, Royalty and Hollywood stars such as the Prince of Monaco, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Rock Hudson have been guests.

If you have any interest in going please check out the links below for more information.


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Steampunk Party: A Clockwork Wonderland

A Clockwork Wonderland is a Steampunk event going on this Saturday in Dallas, TX.  If you find yourself in the area in keen need of fun, goggles, and corsets please join in the diversion of ‘Aethyr and Mysterium’.

It is the perfect opportunity to meet people who are ardent in their love of Steampunk.  It’s a rare opportunity to meet the crew members of two airships: Airship Isabella and Airship Nocturne.

A special treat is the Steampunk Illumination Society.  Their society is made of the regions best and brightest Steampunk crafts people, thinkers and artists.

If you fancy to hobnob with North Texas Steampunkers please do come.

There will be a fashion show and promenade which, let’s face it, is half the fun of Steampunk itself.  The moded ray guns, fanciful goggles and bosoms that are pushed heavenwards by stiff corsets.

I have it on good authority that  a female android will be making an appearance, as well as myself in a scarlet corset and hot pink, black, and red tutu.

If you have time tomorrow Sat 22, $15 and are over 17 years old.  Come revel with us at the Curtain Club.

2800 Main Street

Dallas TX

214 743 6207



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Steampunk: New Years Eve Parties

Christmas is soon, and with so much last-minute shopping and family to entertain there is not a lot of time to think about New Years Eve plans.

NYE  is usually a scramble to figure out what to do.  Here are a few venues (around the globe)  that are showcasing Steampunk for the New Year.


EUCHRONIA A New Year’s Eve Steampunk Ball 

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 9pm

End: January 1st 3am

Artists: Rouge Fonce, Theremina, Bent Leather Band, Sforzando


1 Market Street

Newport VIC 3015

Tickets at the door for $85 or less at


Steampunk New Year

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 3pm

End: January 3rd 2pm (GMT)

Make your entire New Year’s weekend a Steampunk celebration.


The Holiday Inn

Geddington Road


NN18 8ET

Tickets information can be found here:

United States:

Steampunk New Years Eve 

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 8pm

End: ?

Artist: Abney Park



Studio Seven

110 Horton St

Seattle, WA 98134

Age 21 and up only.

Ticket information can be found here:

Steampunk New Years Eve Tea Party 2011

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 8pm

End: ?

Family Friendly Games and Conversation

501 Raymond Ave

San Jose, CA 95128

For more information:

A Steampunk Dystopia 2

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 10pm

End: January 1st 2011 @ 4am

Artist: DJ AKA DJ Halo Gothic, DJ NOIZ.FKR

“Sponsored by The International Society For The Advancement Of IrrefutableVampirological And Lycanthropic Research.”



4343 N 7th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Cover $5.00 at the Door.  21 and up only.


Start: December 31st 2010

End: January 2nd 2011

An anime convention with Steampunk.


Hilton Hotel

500 East 4th Street
Austin, Texas
USA 78701

Tel: +1-512-482-8000
Fax: +1-512-469-0078

Pre-registration @


The Clockwork Ball: A Steampunk Masquerade

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 9pm –

End: January 1st, 2011 @2am

Artists: Curtis Eller, Talloolah Love, Doctor Q

“Jazz, Blues, Swing, Dark Cabaret, Gypsy Punk, & Dance music from times gone by or times that never were.”
Steampunk Appropriate Attire is Encouraged.  $10 without mask, $5 with mask.

18A East Salisbury Street
Pittsboro, NC 27312

For more information please see here:


Airship Ventures New Years Eve Celebrations

An exclusive two-hour New Year’s Eve flight departs at 10:30 pm.
Guests will soar over San Francisco as the clock strikes midnight, enjoying the fireworks!

Based out of Moffett Field, the airship also flies out of North Oakland, Monterey, and Long Beach, CA.

Contact information:

+1 650 969 8100

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