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Distracting the Steampunk!

From Dublin to Doolin, Chicago to Austin this Steampunk has seen some sights and not the least walking on the steps of Giants.

She has also succeeded in distracting herself from her website and writing.

Here are a few highlights:


Fabulous people, fabulous food and new friends.  Dublin was magical.

Dublin Graffiti


Fantastic traditional Irish music, great cider and fine ‘soft’ days along the Cliffs of Moher really set atmosphere.

Cliffs of Moher


Busy, Bustling, Bombastic!

Chicago Traffic


West Coast meets Texas Hill Country. Funky fashion and home brewed mead.

Austin: The Time is Now

Giants Causeway

Fantastical, unbelievable and very wet.

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

While in Ireland we had front row seats to the St Patrick’s Day parade.  And I must admit that most of it was Steampunk! It nearly blew my mind!

That will be the next blog post so stay tuned!


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What Happened to the Steampunk?

I’ve fallen off the planet and I’m crawling back to the interwebs.

The Yeti: Freezer Burn Effigy

All sorts of interesting things for the month of January have happened to this Steampunk!


Newyearschevia–  Fabulous 2 night Burn to herald in the new year.  We were able to burn the effigy from Myschevia (a burn ban prevented the burning of it in October).

See archived post

Freezer Burn—  A Central Texas Regional Burn that is a short 2 day adventure of music, art, fire in the cold damp Texas winter.

I was invited to spend my Burn with Cuddle Camp.  It was a wonderful time of cuddles to stay warm and meeting new people at this intense two day burn.

I’ve never been cold weather camping, so the radical self-reliance that I’m ‘used to’ was shifted into a new gear.  How to stay warm, when I’m usually planning on how to stay cool.

It was a great thinking-out-of-the-box experience.

Flooding of the Domicile—  on a personal note, my house gushed 25000 gallons of water…that’s enough water to fill a swimming pool…in my hallway.  It was amazing.  But I’m glad that’s over, and my floors are dry.

Clockwork Con— I missed it!!!! How could such a thing happen!!! Oh yes, refer to above Flooding of the Domicile.

Although, I know that my friend Ting Ting left his mark on many people there.  If you were one of them, please oh please leave a comment.

A slew of other random, yet wonderful adventures befell this Steampunk in just a few short weeks this New Year…and our community is planning even more adventure to immerse yourselves in!

Steamy Upcoming Events!

Gaslight Squared– A monthly Steampunk event and concert Tuesday 1/31.

8pm @Lola’s St. Louis, MO 21+

Gadgets and Gobstoppers— This event is this Friday.

8pm @Lakewood Theatre, Dallas, TX.

$20 at the door 18+

Burlesque Dancers, Airship Isabella &  a Musical Line up that includes Marquis of Vaudeville and Sarasvati Bodhisattva.

Airship Nocturne and her crew will also be there.

Two Rivers Renaissance Faire Pirate & Faerie Festival

Feb 3-5th Yuma, AZ

As all Steampunks know, it’s a ton of fun to invade Ren Fests!

Let me know how your Steampunk Adventures and Invasions go!


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Steampunk: Dicken’s On The Strand

This weekend marks the 38th year that Galveston, TX has hosted Dicken’s On The Strand.  For

those who have not heard of it let me sum it up:

Victorian recreation of Galveston during it’s hey-day.  During the late Victorian era Galveston was the largest city in Texas and had very close ties to London.

This weekend hosts vendors, performers and…that’s right…Steampunk on the Strand.

There are many, many, many events for the family.  Dickens on The Strand is a lot of fun, even if the weather is dreary (as it currently is in Texas), and thankfully the ‘board-walks’ are covered.

A few of the events Dickens has to offer are:

Queens Parade

Dickens Costume Contest

Pinwicks Lantern Parade

Albert’s Whimsical Whisker Revue

Victorian Bed Races

Per usual the Airship Isabella will be there.  Last year their Airship and vendor booth took up nearly an entire lot (this event is very large).

Many, many, many Airships will be participating this year, more even than last.  I had the pleasure of going last year.  I remember the costumes as particularly stunning.  Truly I have not been to another Victorian event with such elaborate detail to Victorian period costuming.

If you are already taking part in the festivities leave a comment!!!

If you are also unable to make it here is a link to a live web-cam of the festivities!

Dicken’s Website:

Link to Dicken’s Events:


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Steampunk: Musical Menagerie

This Saturday night music and Steampunk will come together once


more to entertain the dirty Dallas masses.

Musical Menagerie is the lastest whimsy of our favorite local North Texas Steampunk bands.  There has been a lot of buzz comparing this latest brain child to the wildly successful Clockwork Wonderland that was presented earlier this year.

This is a little incorrect.

The Curtain Club hosted Clockwork Wonderland in January and was filled to and (during the evening) passed capacity.  Clockwork was a rollicking study of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Circus life, vendors and art.  It was also considered a mini-con.

The Musical Menagerie has the expectation of simulating the same fancy and time out of time world.  Yet Saturday night will be without  the Circus Freaks troupe, the Steampunk & Deiselpunk models, and the elaborate staging of characters.

The Curtain Club are host to the headlining musical acts: Marquis of Vaudeville, Admiral Grey, The Orange and Midnight Carnival.

Musical Menagerie is all about the music.  They will have a few non-music acts that will appeal to the circus lovers in the crowd, but that is not its main focus.  New songs from the above mentioned bands will also be revealed Saturday night.

Shine your spats, dust off your top hat, make sure your gears are well oiled, because Saturday night will give plenty of opportunity to show off your Steampunk posh.

Basic Info:

When: Saturday Aug 20th

Doors @ 8:30pm


2800 Main St.

Dallas, TX
How Much:
$10 cover
$12 for under 21

17 and up show


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Steampunk: ÆtherFest Success

The first Steampunk convention of Texas was a wonderful success.  People from all over the United

AetherFest Group Picture

States came to participate in a uniquely intimate Steampunk Convention.

One of the events included a barrage of Steampunks on promenade to the Alamo.  It was a walk of two blocks.  Two fabulous blocks that Steampunks were able to show their personas to the world at large.  Two blocks of passers-by stopping and staring.  Two blocks of questions, and two blocks of people literally pulling their cars to the curb to take photos.

After the photographers from Penland Photography corralled the happy, and slightly giddy bunch of AetherFest Steampunks into order an official group photo was taken directly in front of the legendary Alamo.

For a moment the various tourists who where originally there to marvel over the historic site were sidetracked by the Neo-Victorian interlopers.  A sizable crowd of camera toting tourists gathered in front of the posed Steampunks and took their own pictures, both marveling and skeptical emotions playing on their faces.

After the photographs were completed the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire took a moment to

The Emperor

pontificate his mission which is, to put it simply, fighting the “dull”.  His voice rose, his arms gestured passionately as he stressed the importance of not letting the “dull” creep into our beings by using one’s innate creativity to fight it.

In a flash he whirled around and pointed with the “The Will of the People” at the “dull”. The tourists who stood before the Steampunk crowd, with their camera’s and fanny packs looked startled. Finally aware that they were indeed the Emperor’s subject matter.  “They are the dull!  Go speak to them…” He ordered, in which a few of the less bashful Steampunks did venture forth into the land of the “dull” to impress upon the confused tourists the art, mission and beauty of Steampunk.

The Emperor is a most affable and determined man.  He is determined to fight the “dull” and his humor and wit never lag while he seeks to pursue his mission. Not surprisingly his panel was a favorite with attendees, as well as The Peacemaker and Lucretia.  The Peacemaker and Lucretia flew from New York to be apart of the AetherFest experience.  Her panel on multiculturalism is a treasure trove of information for those who know only a smattering about cultural and historical affairs during the Victorian period.

Too soon the large group of Steampunks were heading back to the St. Anthony’s Hotel.  The

Peacock Alley

102 year old St. Anthony was the perfect backdrop for the event.  The convention go-ers did not look out of place at the St. Anthony’s…not many Steampunk’s can say that about their conventions.  Yet Pablo, Cameron and Jahmes, the chairmen and brains behind AetherFest have the vision and energy to know the St. Anthony would be the perfect place for Texas’s first Steampunk Convention.

The tenth floor (the top floor) was where convention HQ and most of the VIPs were kept.  It is also where the most haunted room in the hotel is reported to be.  The infamous room 1080.  The bathtub is rumored to fill with blood.  I asked the Airship who was staying in that room if that was actually the case.  The Celestial Rogues said they weren’t willing to take the chance…

It was soon obvious that Steampunk is something different and unique to past punk movements.

Cracked Monocle & the Gaming Room

The hotel staff and other guests at the hotel frequently commented on the polite and friendly mein of the Steampunks in attendance which encouraged further curiosity and made it easy to spread the knowledge of Steampunk.

The unique intimacy of this event came from the fact that the chairmen did not want numbers to exceed 500 attendees.  Unlike other events Steampunks were able to not just meet OM Grey, The Emperor, The Peacemaker and Lucretia and the other panel guests they were able to sit down and build a relationship with them.

Captain Cedric Whittaker of the Airship Isabella reclined in an overstuffed chair and waxed poetic on his vision of the future of Steampunk in the main thoroughfare of Peacock Alley.  There was no

Captain Whittaker & SCARS

pressure to move out of the way of surging crowds.  In fact Captains’ and crew of other Airships sprawled on the floor and relaxed on neighboring chairs and settees and bantered ideas of the emerging SCARS organisation. The atmosphere of the whole convention was one of relaxation and friendly community.

The nighttime entertainment did not disappoint.  Friday’s nights Opening Ceremonies kicked the Convention off with an Airship dinner on the roof of the hotel, meant to thank and promote active Airships.  One representative from each Airship at the dinner was encouraged to come on stage introduce themselves and their ship. Representatives from  Airship Nocturne, Isabella, Celestial Rogues, Eden Falls, Constantine, Bonny Reed, Aurora, Calypso and several more trekked to the stage in their Steam finery Friday evening.  More Airships showed up later that night and Saturday to take part in the convention.

The roof of the Hotel boasts a stage and large area for dining and dancing with a fabulous view of

Burlesque Performance

downtown San Antonio perfect for the musical entertainment that opened up the night.  Master Bones Jangle, and Addisyn Madd serenaded the crowd about Steam and the Sea before the Devil Bunnies Burlesque Troupe took the stage.  A mix of 21st century meets 19th century style performers riled up the crowd.  Their dances are an eclectic mix of traditional and neo-burlesque, just perfect for the AetherFest crowd.  The dinner and its entertainment wound down around 12:30 am.  Background music let guests mingle and chat on the rooftop for quite sometime.

Saturday nights performances were quite a treat.  Vaudeville Under The Stars is what the event was called in the schedule, and indeed it was just that.  Stars winked down on the Marquis of Vaudeville and the acts associated with them.  A fog machine and light show gave further ambiance to Poi spinning Steampunks and Flag twirling circus freaks in the crowd.  Hipnautica finished up the night with


their new string of Steampunk inspired songs.  It was my first time hearing Hipnautica and I was pleasantly surprised.  They are self declared Dark World Elektronik, and I must admit I was a little curious how this would meld with the AetherFest vision.  It melded beautifully.  Their sound was the perfect follow up for the Marquis of Vaudeville. Hipnautica’s heavy electronic sound was wonderfully ethereal. The Steampunks had already had a day out of time, and Hipnautica was the nightcap.

People began to disperse as the music wound down.  For the ones who wanted, it was after party time.  Room 1040 was the hot spot.  Rum flowed freely, and people made merry.  Then security said it was getting too rowdy.  (Not surprising when three dozen Steampunks are crushed into one suite.)  The after party moved back to the roof and the treat of the night happened.  A completely acoustic, a completely raw moment under the stars with Master Bones Jangle and his band.  Steampunks stomped their feet and threw their partners around to the rhythm of the music. It was wonderful, it was muggy, and it was a completely happy moment for all.

Then I went to bed.

For anyone who participated in AetherFest and would like to share their experiences please leave your comments here and I will post them shortly.

Links to aforementioned:

Links to Airships:


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Steampunk: Society Picnic

The Steampunk Illumination Society has organized a Society Picnic for all you Steamy (and not so Steamy) folk.  The Society Picnic is adding up to be a

Society Picnic

wonderful example of Steampunk Community and friendship.

This is a family friendly event that will propel you to the great outdoors on a beautiful and sunny weekend.  The picnic is wholly a community event.  A potluck of sorts organized by SIS and it’s members.  Each guest should bring either food, drink, condiments, or clean up supplies to aid the social.

SIS is sponsoring hotdogs, a single coveted door prize and is inviting individuals to bring other items to be raffled to create more fun for all.  There will also be a scrapbook that every attendee is invited to be apart of that will be sent to the Tsunami victims of Japan.

The venue is Victoria Park in Irving, TX.  It is a public park and free to get in and park.  According to the Victoria Park website the parks amenities include:

Creative playground – Castle Kingdom
Picnic tables
Two small pavilions
Half mile concrete trail (lighted)
Two lighted small volleyball courts
Fishing dock

It would be most interesting to see Steampunks playing volleyball in corsets and goggles…if that should happen, there will be a detailed report.

Here are the details in a nutshell per SIS Society Picnic Event Page.  Should you like to attend please RSVP on Facebook @

Sunday, April 10 · 11:00am – 5:00pm

Victoria Park 

3051 West Northgate Dr
Irving, TX




Q: May I have a booth at this event?
A: Please contact the city of Irving to make sure this is allowed, and also that you do not need to obtain a permit for sales. If you purchase a permit, be prepared to show proof, or you may not be allowed to set up. To get more information, please call Irving City Parks and Recreation: 972-721-2600 – Dial 1 and then 6 at the prompts.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, but the city’s law is that the dog must remain on a leash at all times, and you are responsible for picking up after your pet does his/her business. So bring some baggies &/or a poop scooper.

Q: Will we be allowed to have alcohol there?
A: No. The city has stated alcohol is not allowed within the park.

Q: Is costume required to attend?
A: No. Wear your regular civilian clothes if you like. 🙂

Q: Am I required to bring a dish or food/drink contribution?
A: No, however – the more people that pitch in, the more there is to go around. While Captain and I are doing our best to provide the main course of hotdogs, our budget can only stretch so far and we are bound to run out of food if we’re doing it on our own. Thus the involvement of the community – for all to enjoy, and you get a chance to bring diversity in consumable goods to the table.

Q: May I take photos?
A: Absolutely. To those reading this, be forewarned that by attending this picnic, you are agreeing to having your photo taken. 😉 And of course, if you take photos, we’d love to have them shared with us so SIS can add them to the online photo gallery.

Q: Can I bring my friend, and/or family?
A: Certainly! The more, the merrier!

Q: How’s parking?
A: Plenty of parking in the school parking next door. It acts as overflow on the weekends. However, if you can carpool – it’s still a good idea as we still don’t have a solid number of those planning to attend. Of course, we also will be sharing with the public (although we have leased out a large covered pavilion).

Q: Is seating available?
A: Yes, in the form of picnic tables and likely some benches. It is still encouraged that you bring chairs though, if you’ve got them. And of course, it’s also a good idea to put your name on your chairs. Just in case someone has the same chair as you.


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Steampunk: ÆtherFest 2011

This year is proving to be a year of firsts in the Steampunk community and I am pleased and excited about the upcoming ÆtherFest on April 29 – May 1st in San Antonio, TX. ÆtherFest is the first Steampunk Convention in the state of Texas.

I have had the honor to meet the two time traveling con-men who are the


organizers of this new convention at previous events. On top of their Steamy swagger, and panache, they have a far-reaching perspective. This is probably due to their time traveling ways… they are moving towards making ÆtherFest a non-profit.


Turning an organization into non-profit is tedious and traumatic to pure hearted folk who want their profits to go to the needy deserving. The the co-founds of ÆtherFest and the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association are on track to non-profit.  A few of the guests and attendees who are taking part of this wonderful endeavor are mentioned below.

Cracked Monocle

Cracked Monocle the game master, for better or worse, will have control of the game room! Attendees will be able to play the prized tabletop RPG, Tephra. Much excitement surrounds Cracked Monocle as their gifts extend past Tephra…you may learn more about them at their website

Emperor Justinian Stanislaus of the Red Fork Empire will be in attendance! In their own words “The Red Fork Empire (RFE) is a collective of people who want to express themselves creatively, not necessarily as professionals but because using your imagination and being creative is fundamental to truly enjoying life.” The RFE most definitely seem to truly enjoy life, please visit them at

Ay-leen the Peacemaker, will also be there! She is most known for her award-winning Steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana – Multicultural Steampunk.

“Her upcoming published work will be included in the fashion anthology Fashion Talks: Undressing the Power of Style from SUNY Press in 2012. She has also been interviewed about steampunk and its evolving subculture for many steampunk and sci-fi sites and for the books The Steampunk Bible (Abrams Image, May 2011) and Steampunk: Reloaded (Tachyon Publications, 2010).”

The musical entertainment will be a  crowd pleaser. Marquis of Vaudeville , Bones Jangle and Hipnautica. Marquis and Bones are quickly becoming the golden children of the Texas Steampunk music scene. Hipnautica will be an experience all on their own. Their sound morphs and melds. They are chameleons of the music scene, easily turning from one style to something completely different.

Multiple Airships will be in attendance, as well as the new organization SCARS.  The South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunk is a group of Airships with a common goal of growing the idea of Steampunk to uncharted territories.


The guests and workshops are not the only draw to AetherFest. The sponsoring hotel alone is a reason to come .

The locale is the historical St. Anthony Hotel, on the Riverwalk. It opened its

Peacock Alley Lobby

doors in 1909, an endeavour of wealthy cattlemen. They wanted to create the most posh hotel in San Antonio. What they didn’t expect is that their financial expert and project guide F.M Swearingen would go beyond their expectations.

Steampunk is lauded as the ‘future-past’. The St. Anthony’s Hotel mimics that in its own right.

When most citizens still rode in a horse and buggy hotel visitors wondered at


illuminated closets, and their own private bath. What was most impressive of all, bedroom lights that turned off when the guest locked their door from the outside. The St. Anthony Hotel set the standard for hotel innovations across the globe. In the hotels golden history, Royalty and Hollywood stars such as the Prince of Monaco, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Rock Hudson have been guests.

If you have any interest in going please check out the links below for more information.


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