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Steampunk Steam!

Fall is here!  All those heavy Steampunk clothes can come out of the closet and be worn with panache!

Need some events to show off your steamy style?

Heeeeeere we go!

Steampunk November


Live entertainment, libations, games, music and more at the 2nd annual Cut Thrust and Run Steampunk November.  I had the honor of being at the 1st gathering last year, MUCH fun, but small.  I’ll be interested to see how much it has grown.

Features: Belly Dancing, Burlesque, Comedy Shows and “Electrified Dueling for the Gentle-persons”…

Starts: Nov 10 @ 2pm

Ends: Nov 11 @ 2am

Where: 492 Cordes Drive, Venus Tx 76084

Camping available for an added fee per tent.

Showdown at Unobtainium 2012: Tesla vs. Edison


Two days of musical and Vaudeville-esqe entertainment, mysterious “soon-to-be-revealed Austin maker groups”, a Maker Mad Science Lab for kids of all ages to create and experiment. A little to vague in its description for my taste, but, meh still sounds neat.  They have a good music line up such as…

Marquis of Vaudeville, Shakey Graves, and the Darwin Prophet.

Family Friendly, but watch out parents, after 10 on Saturday things get feisty.

Starts: Nov 10 noon

Ends: Nov 11 6pm

Where: Bell Farm, 119 Redbird Lane, Dale TX 78616

Prices range from $20 – $30

Not feeling the Steam? Feeling a bit more Industrial? I have just the thing.

Lord Byron’s Panoptikon

Get your dance on with Industrial, New Wave, Electro and Synthpop.

When: Nov 9 @9


Back to the steam!

Wasabassco’s 8th Anniversary Extravaganza


An amazing two day extravaganza celebrating fabulous Burlesque!  Just on night one there will be over 40 performers with over six hours of entertainment lined up for your viewing pleasure!  (If I were in New York Friday I would totally be there).

Day 1 Starts: Nov 9 @ 6pm

Day 2 Starts: Nov 10 @ 6pm

Where: City Winery, NYC

155 Varick Street, New York, New York 10013



Three rooms of music!  One dedicated to jazz, blues and classic swing. The second for Electro Swing DJs. Aaaand guess who’s behind door number 3??? That’s right MOAAAAR Burlesque, Atlanta style.

Start: Nov 9 @ 9pm (EST)

Where: XS Ultra Lounge

708 Spring Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308-1013

Steampunk Exhibition Leek

The Exhibition is a collaboration between the Derbyshire Steampunk and Time Travellers Guild and The Nottingham Steampunk Social in the UK.

The Exhibition actually began in October, and runs through November 18th.  So if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs go check out the fabulous show of artwork that this Exhibition highlights, sure to be a fabulous adventure!

Weekly on Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun until November 18, 2012

Starts: 10 am – 4 pm

Alright my steamy friends I hope you have a chance to find some Steampunk excitement this fall.  And my apologies (yet again) for my internet absence.

It has been going to good use.  I have been actively working on my upcoming novel.  It is in the editing stages.  It is tedious, but to see it coming together is truly exciting.  You’ll recognize a character or two from my short story Animatae’s Shadow.



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Steampunk Music: Vernian Process

Vernian Process is one of the first groups to declare themselves a Steampunk band in 2003.  Vernian Process is an unrepentant fusion of Darkwave, Progressive, and Neo-Classical styles.

In laymen terms their sound is an unabashed Industrial answer to Steampunk music.  That being said some pieces are incredibly melodic that take you on a soaring flight into the aether, but they are in the minority.

The song Into the Shadows stands out with tolling bells, dripping water, and creaking steps.  The imagery is dark.  It’s music conjures up places where goggles are strapped tightly to the face of the wearer to fight off the London fog, and The Curse of Whitechapel is just a step behind.

Their strength lies in the use of Steampunk sound.  Hammers on anvils, tolling bells, grinding gears, creaking steps, crackling fire, and the tick-tock of clocks convey a wonderful image.  The listener is undeniably transported to a place where Steam and Dieselpunk meet.

Members include:

Joshua A. Pfeiffer: Vocals, Songwriting

Martin Irigoyen: Guitar, Songwriting, SFX

Janus Zarate: Bass Guitar

Free Fargo: Drums

Brian Figueroa: Keyboard, Guitar

Kyle Thomas: Keyboard, Accordion

Erica Mulkey: Live Guest, Cello


If their band name leaves you scratching your head, scratch no longer. It was inspired by the 19th century writer Jules Verne (whom every Steampunk aficionado has much love for).

If you find yourself in California the weekend of May 7th, you can see them at Gaslight Gathering, the very first Southern California Steampunk Convention in San Diego.

Check them out at:




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