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Steaming In the New Year

Happy New Year Steampunks, Gypsy Punks, Circus Freaks and all you in between or out where ever you are!

I had a great New Years! Not as bombastic as last year, but this year was cozy with chocolate, friendly cuddles  and champagne.  Much can be said for a quiet night after a chaotic year.  To be able to take a breather at the end and just chill out was very nice.

Okay now to the Steamy Business At Hand: Entertainment Around The World!

In Long Beach, California we have:

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium (A Steampunk Convention) Jan 11th-13th

Literary Talent that will be there: HRMSS

OM Grey

David Lee Summers

Girl Genius

Musical Talent:

Lee Presson and the Nails


Cirque Noir and others

This looks like a well put together event!  If I were in California this weekend I would totally be at the Symposium.  For more information check out their great website at

In Dallas, Texas we have:

The PANCAKES & BOOZE Art Show Jan 11th @ 8pm-2am



This simply looks fabulous!  If you have an artistic bent this is the place for you.  Full nude body painting, all styles of artists, pancakes and booze.  How much for tickets? $5.  Yes sir and ma’am $5.  Wait that’s not all, live DJ’s too.

If you are an artists it is not too late to submit your work for this show.  I highly suggest it.  Check out this video for a better idea of the vibes from this wonderful event.

In New Haven, Connecticut:

Mad Hatter Productions Presents: LET’S GET MAD! At Afterlife.  Jan 11th midnight-6amlet's get mad

Not for the faint of heart my Electronica friends.  This music is dirty, chopped and acid washed.

There will be a blacklight booth where you can get painted up and glowy-fan-tastic for the night!

$20 at the door

Now we are changing gears. Let’s strip of the Neon Fishnets and your glow sticks.  Put the Ravers to bed, and bring out the leather armaments, fox fur tails and your tankards.

In Frankenmuth, Michigan we have:

The 7th Annual Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball Sat Jan 12 3pm-midnight

The entrance fee is only $5! Man I’m lovin’ the prices for all these events!  *ahem*

The fair folk of Frankenmuth will be holding a costume competition, and the face of the renaissance mask contest. (Sounds like a lot of fun! and it’s kid friendly too.)

Also all proceeds will go to the Rescue Foundation.  A good cause, a good time sounds like a win if you are in Michigan this weekend.

Alright, I can’t tell a lie…if I had my pick of all the things to do this weekend (barring travel issues) I would be going to this next event.  Oh My God would I be going to this event.

Upstairs at the Ritzy, Brixton Oval, Brixton, London, UK

Drunken Balordi + DJ Sacha Dieu Jan 12th 8pm to midnight

Gypsy Punk

Gypsy Punk

This is a fusion of traditional Gypsy, Punk and Rock beats with a contemporary twist.  In terms that I prefer: Gypsy Punk.

I am a SUCKER for Gypsy Punk music.  Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello is my hero.  I want his autograph…and an hour of his time.

But for our purposes here we’ve got DJ Sacha Dieu spinning our Gypsy fused beats.  He’s pretty awesome, check his stuff out at SoundCloud:

Yet again only £5 to get in the door!

A good line up to start off the new year!  I hope that wherever you are you are having a steamy good time!

So what event will I be going to?

I will be in Ft Worth, Texas hacking portals in Ingress…yes dear Messers and Madams that lovely game by Google.

Don’t know what it is?  No worries, here you go:


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Steampunk: Why the Circus?

Cover of "The Circus and Victorian Societ...

Cover via Amazon

Why do Steampunk events generally spotlight circus acts?  If you have been to larger Steampunk events you might have seen jugglers, fire show acts, stilt walkers, contortionists and slight of hands.

The Victorian Era, which Steampunk is partly modeled after, was a fabulous time for circus performers.  The middle class had more free time on their hands in this Post Industrial Revolutionary period.  They also had more money in their pockets.   The circus was in higher demand due to the extra time and money,

The Circus developed from a simple fairground whimsy to an organized legitimate trade during this time because of aforesaid higher demand.  Amphitheaters and large tents now housed these traveling shows.  Entertainment began to not only encompass the theatre, but also these roving bands of circus entertainers with legitimate skills.

Artists had been banding together for over century before hand.  The idea of a circus was not wholly original just to the Victorian Era.  What changed was the breadth and the scope of these Victorian Circus acts.  They were traveling carnivals, trying hard for respectability in a world where class movement was a tight and awkward affair.

A big draw to these entertainers were the equestrians.  Most troupes worth their salt had an equestrian to draw in the masses.  Most Steampunk Events will not have horses to prance and perform daring feats of do, but for the Victorian Era it was their main draw…until the mid century.  Several fairgrounds were shut down by the powers that be.  They did not want riffraff coming into town.

Conversely, after the shutdown of these grounds a new wave of assembly halls, theaters, music halls, and amphitheaters were constructed, creating a new structure for the Circus.  This is when the number of Circus’s also began to rise, to meet demand.

The Circus was a place of entertainment and wonder for Victorians and their natural curiosity.  Curiosity was on the rise during this era.  Spurred on by the previous Enlightenment period, and scientific and social advances.  Notably, the expansion of the British Empire helped bring about healthy curiosity of the cultures under their protectorate.

During this time it was okay to be curious.  It was expected.  In previous era’s curiosity was abhorrent.  Plutarch thought curiosity was ‘vulgar’.

Victorians were different.  “Visual demonstrations acted as a great social leveler, uniting unskilled workers, working-class tradesmen and elites who were attracted to the circus ring and other democratic places.”

The Circus was so much more than just a place to gape and have fun.  The next time when you visit a Circus think of it as ‘a great social leveler’.  A step in the path of social equality.  Wow!  Who knew that the bearded lady was so much more than just her fabulously groomed ‘tache.

References from:

The Circus and Victorian Society

by Brenda Assael


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Steampunk: New Years Eve Parties

Christmas is soon, and with so much last-minute shopping and family to entertain there is not a lot of time to think about New Years Eve plans.

NYE  is usually a scramble to figure out what to do.  Here are a few venues (around the globe)  that are showcasing Steampunk for the New Year.


EUCHRONIA A New Year’s Eve Steampunk Ball 

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 9pm

End: January 1st 3am

Artists: Rouge Fonce, Theremina, Bent Leather Band, Sforzando


1 Market Street

Newport VIC 3015

Tickets at the door for $85 or less at


Steampunk New Year

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 3pm

End: January 3rd 2pm (GMT)

Make your entire New Year’s weekend a Steampunk celebration.


The Holiday Inn

Geddington Road


NN18 8ET

Tickets information can be found here:

United States:

Steampunk New Years Eve 

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 8pm

End: ?

Artist: Abney Park



Studio Seven

110 Horton St

Seattle, WA 98134

Age 21 and up only.

Ticket information can be found here:

Steampunk New Years Eve Tea Party 2011

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 8pm

End: ?

Family Friendly Games and Conversation

501 Raymond Ave

San Jose, CA 95128

For more information:

A Steampunk Dystopia 2

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 10pm

End: January 1st 2011 @ 4am

Artist: DJ AKA DJ Halo Gothic, DJ NOIZ.FKR

“Sponsored by The International Society For The Advancement Of IrrefutableVampirological And Lycanthropic Research.”



4343 N 7th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Cover $5.00 at the Door.  21 and up only.


Start: December 31st 2010

End: January 2nd 2011

An anime convention with Steampunk.


Hilton Hotel

500 East 4th Street
Austin, Texas
USA 78701

Tel: +1-512-482-8000
Fax: +1-512-469-0078

Pre-registration @


The Clockwork Ball: A Steampunk Masquerade

Start: December 31st 2010 @ 9pm –

End: January 1st, 2011 @2am

Artists: Curtis Eller, Talloolah Love, Doctor Q

“Jazz, Blues, Swing, Dark Cabaret, Gypsy Punk, & Dance music from times gone by or times that never were.”
Steampunk Appropriate Attire is Encouraged.  $10 without mask, $5 with mask.

18A East Salisbury Street
Pittsboro, NC 27312

For more information please see here:


Airship Ventures New Years Eve Celebrations

An exclusive two-hour New Year’s Eve flight departs at 10:30 pm.
Guests will soar over San Francisco as the clock strikes midnight, enjoying the fireworks!

Based out of Moffett Field, the airship also flies out of North Oakland, Monterey, and Long Beach, CA.

Contact information:

+1 650 969 8100

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