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Steampunk: Society Picnic

The Steampunk Illumination Society has organized a Society Picnic for all you Steamy (and not so Steamy) folk.  The Society Picnic is adding up to be a

Society Picnic

wonderful example of Steampunk Community and friendship.

This is a family friendly event that will propel you to the great outdoors on a beautiful and sunny weekend.  The picnic is wholly a community event.  A potluck of sorts organized by SIS and it’s members.  Each guest should bring either food, drink, condiments, or clean up supplies to aid the social.

SIS is sponsoring hotdogs, a single coveted door prize and is inviting individuals to bring other items to be raffled to create more fun for all.  There will also be a scrapbook that every attendee is invited to be apart of that will be sent to the Tsunami victims of Japan.

The venue is Victoria Park in Irving, TX.  It is a public park and free to get in and park.  According to the Victoria Park website the parks amenities include:

Creative playground – Castle Kingdom
Picnic tables
Two small pavilions
Half mile concrete trail (lighted)
Two lighted small volleyball courts
Fishing dock

It would be most interesting to see Steampunks playing volleyball in corsets and goggles…if that should happen, there will be a detailed report.

Here are the details in a nutshell per SIS Society Picnic Event Page.  Should you like to attend please RSVP on Facebook @

Sunday, April 10 · 11:00am – 5:00pm

Victoria Park 

3051 West Northgate Dr
Irving, TX




Q: May I have a booth at this event?
A: Please contact the city of Irving to make sure this is allowed, and also that you do not need to obtain a permit for sales. If you purchase a permit, be prepared to show proof, or you may not be allowed to set up. To get more information, please call Irving City Parks and Recreation: 972-721-2600 – Dial 1 and then 6 at the prompts.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, but the city’s law is that the dog must remain on a leash at all times, and you are responsible for picking up after your pet does his/her business. So bring some baggies &/or a poop scooper.

Q: Will we be allowed to have alcohol there?
A: No. The city has stated alcohol is not allowed within the park.

Q: Is costume required to attend?
A: No. Wear your regular civilian clothes if you like. 🙂

Q: Am I required to bring a dish or food/drink contribution?
A: No, however – the more people that pitch in, the more there is to go around. While Captain and I are doing our best to provide the main course of hotdogs, our budget can only stretch so far and we are bound to run out of food if we’re doing it on our own. Thus the involvement of the community – for all to enjoy, and you get a chance to bring diversity in consumable goods to the table.

Q: May I take photos?
A: Absolutely. To those reading this, be forewarned that by attending this picnic, you are agreeing to having your photo taken. 😉 And of course, if you take photos, we’d love to have them shared with us so SIS can add them to the online photo gallery.

Q: Can I bring my friend, and/or family?
A: Certainly! The more, the merrier!

Q: How’s parking?
A: Plenty of parking in the school parking next door. It acts as overflow on the weekends. However, if you can carpool – it’s still a good idea as we still don’t have a solid number of those planning to attend. Of course, we also will be sharing with the public (although we have leased out a large covered pavilion).

Q: Is seating available?
A: Yes, in the form of picnic tables and likely some benches. It is still encouraged that you bring chairs though, if you’ve got them. And of course, it’s also a good idea to put your name on your chairs. Just in case someone has the same chair as you.


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Steampunk: All-Con Aftermath!

A Mallory Lorene Photo

This years All-Con event was a smashing success!

SF, Fantasy, Renaissance, Anime, Comic and of course Steampunk came together in a meeting of fabulous inner nerd and freak this past weekend.

A Mallory Lorene Photo

Many Steampunks came down from the aether this weekend.  It was a  wonderful parade of parasols, top hats, ray guns and bustles.

Airship Nocturne, and The Steampunk Illumination Society were out in force.

3 Airship Nocturne Crew Members

The crew was in full Steampunk regalia.  Talking canes (true story), fluttery feathers, jet packs and bandoliers replete with tea cups were to be found at the Nocturne booth.

Another group that spearheads many local events, the Circus Freaks, were also there.  They offered several workshops on learning Poi, and Flagging.  They are the rock stars of the Freak, showing moves that you only thought could be CGI generated.

A Mallory Lorene Photo: Poi 101

(The Circus Freaks were also at this years earlier event Clockwork Wonderland.)

Monkey of the Circus Freaks & Trantius of the Nocturne

Vendors set up selling wares of all kinds.  Buttons, pins, t-shirts, bustles, corsets, top hats, canes, and Renaissance Faire tickets to name some.  Intricate Steampunk gadgets, goggles and other random gizmo’s were also ready for purchase.

The Steampunk Ball was the highlight for many.  For those many, they all  needed a good dose of caffeine, because this ball did not end at the stroke of mid-night.  Oh no!  It started at mid-night.

One of the opening acts for the ball included Bones Jangle.  Bones, never fails

'Bones' Jangle

to satisfy his listeners.  For all those who love a good toe tapping, dancing shanty tune, this is the performer for you.  His raspy voice crows above the crowds taking them from the dance floor and to the aether of their favorite airship.

Before All-Con was barely underway there were rumors that the lauded main act of the Steampunk Ball, The Marquis of Vaudeville would not be in attendance.

Due to an unbecoming lack of communication on the part of All-Con planners, many fans and friends of All-Con and The Marquis were upset that the ball would perhaps not go on.

The Marquis did in fact perform.  This was only because they were able to overcome the terrible lack of communication on the part of the convention.  To their credit The Marquis went above and beyond what is generally thought of as the responsibility for performers.  The Marquis of Vaudeville went on to play and satisfy their fans who were still awake to hear them at 2am.

Marquis of Vaudeville

The Marquis is superbly adept at creating otherworldly music.  It takes the listener into another realm, like Lewis Carrol took his readers to Wonderland, the Marquis take their fans beyond the here and now.

After the ball ended, at nearly 3 am, the attendees moved to various after parties that were being thrown around the hotel.  That being said, nerds and freaks know how to throw great parties.

If you would like more information about any of the events or groups please see the following links.

Thank you Mallory Lorene for your wonderful photographs.


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Steampunk Music: Vernian Process

Vernian Process is one of the first groups to declare themselves a Steampunk band in 2003.  Vernian Process is an unrepentant fusion of Darkwave, Progressive, and Neo-Classical styles.

In laymen terms their sound is an unabashed Industrial answer to Steampunk music.  That being said some pieces are incredibly melodic that take you on a soaring flight into the aether, but they are in the minority.

The song Into the Shadows stands out with tolling bells, dripping water, and creaking steps.  The imagery is dark.  It’s music conjures up places where goggles are strapped tightly to the face of the wearer to fight off the London fog, and The Curse of Whitechapel is just a step behind.

Their strength lies in the use of Steampunk sound.  Hammers on anvils, tolling bells, grinding gears, creaking steps, crackling fire, and the tick-tock of clocks convey a wonderful image.  The listener is undeniably transported to a place where Steam and Dieselpunk meet.

Members include:

Joshua A. Pfeiffer: Vocals, Songwriting

Martin Irigoyen: Guitar, Songwriting, SFX

Janus Zarate: Bass Guitar

Free Fargo: Drums

Brian Figueroa: Keyboard, Guitar

Kyle Thomas: Keyboard, Accordion

Erica Mulkey: Live Guest, Cello


If their band name leaves you scratching your head, scratch no longer. It was inspired by the 19th century writer Jules Verne (whom every Steampunk aficionado has much love for).

If you find yourself in California the weekend of May 7th, you can see them at Gaslight Gathering, the very first Southern California Steampunk Convention in San Diego.

Check them out at:




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Steampunk Music: Sunday Driver UK

The Steampunk Music genre is up and coming.  There are no rules, it is an open market.  The variety is wonderful and multifaceted.  Because of this, the next few blogs will be dedicated to Steampunk music artists.

Sunday Driver UK, like it’s name, is based out of the UK.   The seven member band is a wonderful ensemble and its début album is fabulous and unique.  This British band is a great example of Asian Fusion gone right.

The Gayatri Mantra is a perfect example of that signature uniqueness.  This particular song takes the listener on a journey through the aether to India.

Then the band spits you into the streets of London, or so I imagine, with the second track Black Spider.  The rhythm and pace of the song combined with the lead vocals easily sweeps you into the story.  There is an urgency that keeps the listener completely involved.

From here the album slows down for a few songs, then sweeps you up again with Bakul Bagan Road.  Yet again the sitar takes you on a journey across the seas and aether.

Their talent shines with their variety.  To pick up a listener and sling them around the world with a single song is an impressive feat.  As a listener I love every moment of it.  The lead vocalist moves from strength to trepidation convincingly.  The song Heroes spotlights their canny lyrics.

The members showcase a range of instruments: Sitar, Harp, Clarinet, Tabla are not instruments in any run of the mill band, but you will find it here.

Sunday Driver Members are:

Chandy Nath: Vocals

Kat Arney: Harp, Clarinet

Amit Jogia: Tabla

Chemise: Guitar

Joel Clayton: Guitar & Sitar

Melon: Bass

Scot Jowett: Drums


Checkout their website: and the free music downloads they offer.

They have links to their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace profiles as well.!/SundayDriverUK

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Steampunk: Why the Circus?

Cover of "The Circus and Victorian Societ...

Cover via Amazon

Why do Steampunk events generally spotlight circus acts?  If you have been to larger Steampunk events you might have seen jugglers, fire show acts, stilt walkers, contortionists and slight of hands.

The Victorian Era, which Steampunk is partly modeled after, was a fabulous time for circus performers.  The middle class had more free time on their hands in this Post Industrial Revolutionary period.  They also had more money in their pockets.   The circus was in higher demand due to the extra time and money,

The Circus developed from a simple fairground whimsy to an organized legitimate trade during this time because of aforesaid higher demand.  Amphitheaters and large tents now housed these traveling shows.  Entertainment began to not only encompass the theatre, but also these roving bands of circus entertainers with legitimate skills.

Artists had been banding together for over century before hand.  The idea of a circus was not wholly original just to the Victorian Era.  What changed was the breadth and the scope of these Victorian Circus acts.  They were traveling carnivals, trying hard for respectability in a world where class movement was a tight and awkward affair.

A big draw to these entertainers were the equestrians.  Most troupes worth their salt had an equestrian to draw in the masses.  Most Steampunk Events will not have horses to prance and perform daring feats of do, but for the Victorian Era it was their main draw…until the mid century.  Several fairgrounds were shut down by the powers that be.  They did not want riffraff coming into town.

Conversely, after the shutdown of these grounds a new wave of assembly halls, theaters, music halls, and amphitheaters were constructed, creating a new structure for the Circus.  This is when the number of Circus’s also began to rise, to meet demand.

The Circus was a place of entertainment and wonder for Victorians and their natural curiosity.  Curiosity was on the rise during this era.  Spurred on by the previous Enlightenment period, and scientific and social advances.  Notably, the expansion of the British Empire helped bring about healthy curiosity of the cultures under their protectorate.

During this time it was okay to be curious.  It was expected.  In previous era’s curiosity was abhorrent.  Plutarch thought curiosity was ‘vulgar’.

Victorians were different.  “Visual demonstrations acted as a great social leveler, uniting unskilled workers, working-class tradesmen and elites who were attracted to the circus ring and other democratic places.”

The Circus was so much more than just a place to gape and have fun.  The next time when you visit a Circus think of it as ‘a great social leveler’.  A step in the path of social equality.  Wow!  Who knew that the bearded lady was so much more than just her fabulously groomed ‘tache.

References from:

The Circus and Victorian Society

by Brenda Assael


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Steampunk Party: A Clockwork Wonderland

A Clockwork Wonderland is a Steampunk event going on this Saturday in Dallas, TX.  If you find yourself in the area in keen need of fun, goggles, and corsets please join in the diversion of ‘Aethyr and Mysterium’.

It is the perfect opportunity to meet people who are ardent in their love of Steampunk.  It’s a rare opportunity to meet the crew members of two airships: Airship Isabella and Airship Nocturne.

A special treat is the Steampunk Illumination Society.  Their society is made of the regions best and brightest Steampunk crafts people, thinkers and artists.

If you fancy to hobnob with North Texas Steampunkers please do come.

There will be a fashion show and promenade which, let’s face it, is half the fun of Steampunk itself.  The moded ray guns, fanciful goggles and bosoms that are pushed heavenwards by stiff corsets.

I have it on good authority that  a female android will be making an appearance, as well as myself in a scarlet corset and hot pink, black, and red tutu.

If you have time tomorrow Sat 22, $15 and are over 17 years old.  Come revel with us at the Curtain Club.

2800 Main Street

Dallas TX

214 743 6207



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Steampunk: New Years Eve Parties (Part 2)

Still haven’t found the perfect venue for your New Year Revels? Perhaps these locales may tempt your inner Steampunk party animal.





Start: Dec. 30th 2010 7pm-3am

Fri Dec 31st 2010 noon-3am

Sat Jan 1st 11am-6pm


Holiday Inn Markham

7095 Woodbine Ave at Steeles Ave

Markham, ON

L3R 1A3

DJ Gopher will be your musical host for Enchantment Under The Sea NYE Party

For Pricing and Further Information please visit:


The Time Machine Steampunk Society presents:  

New Years Eve Gala

Start:  Dec 31st 2010 6:15pm

End: Jan 1st 2011 1am

“An elegant evening & an opportunity to be elegantly dressed, too.”

Featuring: Big Band Music, Dancing, Buffet Dinner


The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

4 Queen Street South

Hamilton, ON

L8E 1A1

Tickets $90

For more information:


United States

Brisbee New Year Celebration  

Start: Dec 31st 2010

End: ?

A Parade winds and will end in downtown Brisbee and moving indoors for family friendly crafts, music and more.

Featuring Mission Creeps, Flam Chen, Not Breathing, Ensphere, and others.


Downtown Brisbee, AZ

For More Info – Bisbee Visitor’s Center (520) 432-3554 or 866-2BISBEE


The Thin Man Presents: Circus Beserkus New Year’s Carnivale

The Thin Man


(My personal favorite.)

Start: Dec 31 2010 8pm

End: ?

Jugglers, fire eaters, clowns, tight rope walkers, stilt walkers, unicycle riders and unusual acts will perform on New Years Eve circus event.


The Thin Man Tavern

2015 E. 17th Ave.

Denver CO 80206


Tickets : $15 advanced

$20 at the door

For more information:


Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society Presents:  

New Year’s Eve Seraphim Ball

Start:  Dec 31st 2010 9pm

End: ?

Features DJ Spidersilk, DJ Rust Ryu, DJ Bear, DJ Mad Hatter, DJ VYK and Special Guest DJ Scud

Where: Davinci’s Muse

2650 S Decatur

Las Vegas, NV 80102

$15 @ the door

For more information:



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