What Happened to the Steampunk?

I’ve fallen off the planet and I’m crawling back to the interwebs.

The Yeti: Freezer Burn Effigy

All sorts of interesting things for the month of January have happened to this Steampunk!


Newyearschevia–  Fabulous 2 night Burn to herald in the new year.  We were able to burn the effigy from Myschevia (a burn ban prevented the burning of it in October).

See archived post

Freezer Burn—  A Central Texas Regional Burn that is a short 2 day adventure of music, art, fire in the cold damp Texas winter.

I was invited to spend my Burn with Cuddle Camp.  It was a wonderful time of cuddles to stay warm and meeting new people at this intense two day burn.

I’ve never been cold weather camping, so the radical self-reliance that I’m ‘used to’ was shifted into a new gear.  How to stay warm, when I’m usually planning on how to stay cool.

It was a great thinking-out-of-the-box experience.

Flooding of the Domicile—  on a personal note, my house gushed 25000 gallons of water…that’s enough water to fill a swimming pool…in my hallway.  It was amazing.  But I’m glad that’s over, and my floors are dry.

Clockwork Con— I missed it!!!! How could such a thing happen!!! Oh yes, refer to above Flooding of the Domicile.

Although, I know that my friend Ting Ting left his mark on many people there.  If you were one of them, please oh please leave a comment.

A slew of other random, yet wonderful adventures befell this Steampunk in just a few short weeks this New Year…and our community is planning even more adventure to immerse yourselves in!

Steamy Upcoming Events!

Gaslight Squared– A monthly Steampunk event and concert Tuesday 1/31.

8pm @Lola’s St. Louis, MO 21+

Gadgets and Gobstoppers— This event is this Friday.

8pm @Lakewood Theatre, Dallas, TX.

$20 at the door 18+

Burlesque Dancers, Airship Isabella &  a Musical Line up that includes Marquis of Vaudeville and Sarasvati Bodhisattva.

Airship Nocturne and her crew will also be there.

Two Rivers Renaissance Faire Pirate & Faerie Festival

Feb 3-5th Yuma, AZ

As all Steampunks know, it’s a ton of fun to invade Ren Fests!

Let me know how your Steampunk Adventures and Invasions go!


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Steampunk: Christmas Humbuggery

From the archives:

Christmas is here!  Although if anyone is like me you will find yourself

Victorian Christmas Tree

occasionally bored, or feeling a bit of the humbuggery of it all.  To stave off these Scrooge-like tendencies I have listed some fun (or interesting) traditional Victorian activities that can easily be incorporated with a Steampunk theme.

Traditional Crafts:

Dough Ornaments:

You need: 3 cups of flour, 3/4 cup of salt, 3/4 teaspoon powdered alum, 1-1/4 cups waterMix all ingredients together (dough will be stiff).  Knead until smooth. Dust flour on rolling pin and roll dough on large board. Use cookie cutters for desired shapes.  Make a small hole in the top of cookie for hanging ornament. Bake and set until hardened.Now you can paint designs on them. When dry, insert ribbon, or string through hole and hang on tree for your viewing pleasure.

Pine Cone Trees

Take a pine cone and glue wide part to a cardboard (or otherwise sturdy) base. Then glue tiny beads and buttons on to its petals (glitter or sequins would also work). Create a star, paint in gold or whichever color you desire and glue to the top.  In the case of Steampunk, a fashionable top hat or cog would not go amiss as a pine cone topper.




Dresdens are ornaments which appear “metal-like”, but are made of cardboard painted in metallic colors of silver, gold and copper.  Create a pattern of your choice or

for very simplistic patterns for beginners or children.  Cookie cutters are also good for this purpose.  When the pattern is traced, cut it out and punch a small hole to thread ribbon through, then paint.

Sticky Popcorn

You need: 8 cups of popcorn (popped over the fire if possible) 1 stick of butter, 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup corn syrup (a better health choice substitute to corn syrup is golden syrup)Mix sugar, butter and syrup in a bowl.  Heat to boiling.  Boil for two minutes and remove from heat and stir.  Pour over the popcorn and mix well, then enjoy (after letting it cool for a moment or two).

Now moving on to other fun alternatives to Christmas Eve boredom.
Traditional Parlour Games:


The host shows guests a knick-knack in the room.  All guests are to leave while the host hides it. When guest come back they look until they find it.  Then as each person finds it they sit back down.  The last one to sit loses (or has to be it).  The game becomes more difficult/fun when guests loiter about beore sitting back down.

You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

One person is it.  They are the only one who is allowed to smile.  They can do anything to get the other guests to smile.  The person who never cracks a smile is declared the winner.  (Just think of all the ridiculous antics that could be involved!)

Blindman’s Bluff

Blindmans Bluff


One person is blindfolded, and all other guests scatter around the room. When the blindfoled person catches someone, they have to guess correctly who they are.  If they guess correctly, the blindfold then changes hands.  If not they continue until they are correct.

Change Seats!

This is a variation on a Victorian game, but a warning to those attempting this one, clear the room of precious little decorations, it can wild!  All but one person sits in a chair. The person in the middle asks someone in the circle “Do you love your neighbor?” The person selected then has to state either “No.” at which point the people in the chairs on each side of him/her have to change seats QUICKLY. If they aren’t quick enough, the person in the middle may slip into one of the vacated seats, making the unseated neighbor it. The chosen person may instead answer, “Yes, I love my neighbor, except those who (fill in the blank….are wearing blue, or have brown hair, or play tennis, etc) Everyone who fits the description (ie is wearing red for example) has to jump up and change seats, while the person in the middle tries to steal one. The person left standing has to ask another person if he/she loves his/her neighbor, beginning a new round.


A classic Victorian game with which most people are already quite familiar.

Pass the Slipper

Make a circle, pick a guest and put them in the middle (they are it).  Take an object, the “slipper.” They must close their eyes while the “slipper” is passed from person to person behind their backs. When the ‘it’ guests opens his/her eyes, the slipper stops and he/she must guess who holds the “slipper.” If he/she is correct, they trade places. If wrong, they close their eyes and passing begins again.ForfeitsChoose one person to leave the room, the ‘actioneer’.  The other guests must “forfeit” a special item that belongs to them.  All items are placed in the center of the room and then the auctioneer is brought back in. He/she picks up an item and tries to describe it as one would an item about to be sold.  In order not to forfeit the item, the owner must confess to owning it and do something amusing/embarrassing to win back the item (sing, dance, do an imitation, recitation, a joke, etc.)

I’m Thinking of Something

One person picks something and commits it to memory (Airships, tophat, an item in the room). They do not tell what this item is but they say, for example, “I’m thinking of something large.” The guests are then allowed to ask yes or no questions. “Is it a building?” “No” “Is it an animal” “No.” “Is it a vehicle?” “Yes.” “Is it on the ground?” “No” and so on until one person guesses the item correctly.  If the person guesses incorrectly the game still ends and the wrong person must chose a new somtething.  Players should never guess until they are completely sure they know the answer.

Now that your head if spinning from the different parlour game choices one more classic Victorian tradition that cannot be overlooked…

Caroling. (My personal favorite.)


Traditional Victorian Carols with Lyrics and music samples can be found here:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friendly Scrooge.

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Steampunk: Animatae’s Shadow

I am excited to share my Steampunk short story Animatae’s Shadow



The peaceful Port Animatae is terrorized by monsters in the night.  Mattie discovers her friend murdered and wants to get to the bottom of it.  When her life is on the line, will her fiancé William be able to save her and their town from the dark specter hanging over them?

To read the story in PDF form please click here: Animatae’s Shadow.

This is the unedited version.  The edited version will be available on Amazon Kindle early next year.

Thank you Klem for the use of your amazing photo.


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Steampunk: Dicken’s On The Strand

This weekend marks the 38th year that Galveston, TX has hosted Dicken’s On The Strand.  For

those who have not heard of it let me sum it up:

Victorian recreation of Galveston during it’s hey-day.  During the late Victorian era Galveston was the largest city in Texas and had very close ties to London.

This weekend hosts vendors, performers and…that’s right…Steampunk on the Strand.

There are many, many, many events for the family.  Dickens on The Strand is a lot of fun, even if the weather is dreary (as it currently is in Texas), and thankfully the ‘board-walks’ are covered.

A few of the events Dickens has to offer are:

Queens Parade

Dickens Costume Contest

Pinwicks Lantern Parade

Albert’s Whimsical Whisker Revue

Victorian Bed Races

Per usual the Airship Isabella will be there.  Last year their Airship and vendor booth took up nearly an entire lot (this event is very large).

Many, many, many Airships will be participating this year, more even than last.  I had the pleasure of going last year.  I remember the costumes as particularly stunning.  Truly I have not been to another Victorian event with such elaborate detail to Victorian period costuming.

If you are already taking part in the festivities leave a comment!!!

If you are also unable to make it here is a link to a live web-cam of the festivities!

Dicken’s Website:

Link to Dicken’s Events:


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Steampunk: Where’d the Punk Go?

So where did the punk go dammit?  The punk ninja’d. I’vebeen M.I.A. from social media for a month.

Me as a Ninja

I’ve sunk into the mire of Burner culture, wearing tiger print robes, champagne colored heels, and drooling over sparkly pants.  Don’t worry the Steampunk is still alive inside of me.  The stories are still marinating in my brain-box, and I swear I WILL finish my short story before the New Year.

In all seriousness, my personal life has stolen away my time from you fair readers.  When I say personal life, I don’t mean something dramatic and sad.  Just the hum-drum of moving, endless parties (I’m not kidding) and multiple back-to-back trips to the doctor for…hold on…gotta think to get it straight…

First trip: Poison Ivy  (blargh!)

Second trip: Vile-Illness-That-They-Were-Unable-to-Classify-But-Gave-Me-Lots-Of-AntiBiotics

Third trip: Icky Icky bronchitis

Fair readers I strongly urge you to keep your immune system healthy…unlike mine…  I blame the Burner plague…I heard it was catching quite badly in the North Texas region.  I hope it’s now gone.

As for endless parties, this is a side-effect of becoming further engrossed in the Burner community.  I love it.

For all the Steampunks it is the same way.  Once you’ve found an active community it seems as though there is something going on almost every weekend and a lot of the time, weekdays.

I enjoy all the social happenings, especially in the Fall and Winter, but the downside is that it cuts into my active writing hours.

Shame on me for having fun!  Shame!

If you are in the North Texas Area and are interested in the Burner community check out:

There is also a Santa Rampage on December 17th where a lot of the Burner community participates

If you are a Steampunk only folk check out: 

DFW area:

Also some Steampunk events in the DFW area that are coming up in December:

Difference Engine Conference

Dec. 30th

Marquis of Vaudeville’s Winter of The Wild Lost

Dec. 10th

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Steampunk: Party in Pennsylvania

Where are all the Halloween Parties?  Apparently in PA it’s at the  Rock Kat Bar and Grill.

It promises a blend of Steampunk and Industrial line ups.   If I were in

the PA area I might give it a go.  In a nutshell:


The Nocturnal Witches Ball


Sat Oct 29th 9:30


Rock Kat Bar and Grill

6 Inn Road

Duncannon, PA

“$12.00 in Advance $$15.00 day of event. Tickets are limited” – per Facebook Event page.

The Line Up:

“GisellaRose and her flesh suspension of bleeding poetry

Troupe Syn

Troupe Syn’s Fusion Belly Dancing

Dangr R Dolls and her Exotic Burlesque

Fashion Designs of Kristin Costa

DJ Richard Reich



Lovy Kravzit and the National Goth Party

Sponsored by Kravzit Kozmetix”  – per Facebook Event page.

It might be a bit darker than most Steampunk events, but hey to adventure my friends! If you find yourself in the PA area, check it out and let us know how it goes.  Feedback is invaluable to your fellow readers and the host of the Witches Ball (Jay Sick).

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Steampunk: Halloween Wait! Part 1

Is the hallowed holiday of costuming sneaking up on you? Don’t have your costume ready? Have run out of ideas and cash?

Fret no longer, I have done the legwork for you.

While cruising around the inter-webs I discovered that on Etsy, one of my favorite places, prices have creeped up.

Steampunk costuming generally is never cheap, but I was quite shocked that some crafts people are charging upwards of $120 for jewelry that is neither precious, semi precious or all that intricate.  Another shocker was full Victorian garb for $2000.00!

Oh my.

I still love you Etsy. I understand that things will always be a little pricey due to the nature of the site BUT for all of you who are on the holiday budget crunch and don’t mind mass market production clothing I have a few favorite places to share.  I would like to say I’m going off the premise that you fair readers have run out of time to sew, craft and piecemeal together, as we all know, most Steampunks do all the above for their costumes.  Here are two websites with ready-made outfits for purchase:

I heart GoodGoth.  Sorry Gentlemen, this is website is mostly for ladies…unless you like to cross-dress then by all means please do check out this

website it’s wonderful!  If not skip to the section below GoodGoth.

I discovered GoodGoth about 3 years ago.  It is not a Halloween specific or character costume website.  They are dedicated to Gothic inspired clothing, but they have so much more.  Their clothing is very good quality and their prices are fabulous.  They also send out weekly coupons.

They cater to the Gothic crowd, but they have integrated Steampunk into their wares.

So even if you don’t wear this clothing year ’round, it’s a wonderful place for costuming and accessorizing. I am partial to their shoes too (must avert mine eyes or I’ll buy their whole stock of boots).

Check out the fine folks at GoodGoth and let me know what you think! isn’t too bad.  There is more for men to find that’s for sure.  It’s still a bit pricey, but there’s also the advantage of the being able to buy a complete premade costume. If you don’t want to do that and just need an extra jabot, pirate shirt, pair of boots, or walking stick this is an excellent resource.

I have not personally bought anything from this site, but I have spoken to customers who have had a pleasurable experience and little hassle with their transactions.

I want to emphasize that they do have a variety of men’s clothing.  I know that it is very difficult to find a good variety of menswear and accessories for Steampunk. It is a shame really.

For the rest of the week I will be posting websites that cater to Steampunk and Steampunk-esqe costuming that is affordable and not widely talked about. Everyone who has been around the Steampunk scene has heard of SteampunkEmporium, and the GentlemensEmporium…at least I hope so. If not men go check it out, but prices can get steep quick. Don’t be afraid of switching out $80.00 trousers for $8.00 thrifted trousers.

Also guys don’t be afraid of looking in the women’s section at your local thrift store for good pants.  Steampunk and Neo-Victorian patterns tended toward the bold and ridiculous.  Your maleness will not be diminished in the slightest if you pick up the most hideous paisley printed or stripped pants from the women’s aisle.  In fact your panache points will go up infinitely.  A paisley print pant with a solid colored vest, add boots or dress shoes, you are on your way to a damned fine outfit.

I speak from experience.  Several men in the Gypsy Steam Circus ventured into the female pant territory to rock out their Steampunk look and it worked better than any of us expected.  I’m talking purple paisley pants with purple stripped vest, black leather top hat (yes you know who you are).  It was great, and they had an overwhelming positive feedback about their outfit.  No one would have guessed it was all female clothing.

If you have any favorite costuming websites please share by leaving a comment.  If you have an Etsy or any other independent shop that caters to Steampunk costuming do not be afraid of self promotion, leave your link in the comment section.

In Part 2 I’ll be mentioning corsets and more mens costuming.


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