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Animatae’s Shadow

Animatae's Shadow

Available for purchase on Christmas Day 2012 from Amazon!
First book in the Rogues of the Empyrean series.


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Steampunk: Animatae’s Shadow

I am excited to share my Steampunk short story Animatae’s Shadow



The peaceful Port Animatae is terrorized by monsters in the night.  Mattie discovers her friend murdered and wants to get to the bottom of it.  When her life is on the line, will her fiancé William be able to save her and their town from the dark specter hanging over them?

To read the story in PDF form please click here: Animatae’s Shadow.

This is the unedited version.  The edited version will be available on Amazon Kindle early next year.

Thank you Klem for the use of your amazing photo.


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It is with great pleasure that I announce my intention to actively pursue publication of my Steampunk novel “Mechmans Malice”.

I have created a new page with a short summary and excerpt of the first chapter.

Let me know what you think.  Feedback is invaluable.

~ Elaine


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Hiatus Until August

This post is both happy and sad…and woefully overdue.  The Top Hat Exchange is on hiatus until August.

This is so full attention can be turned to the total completion and editing of AIRSHIP REVENANT: BOOK ONE (working title).

Please cross your fingers, rub a crystal ball, wave a magic wand, say a prayer, light a fire, bury a bead, braid your hair, rub a rock or whatever it is that you do for luck and remember me during the upcoming month.

Many Thanks and see you in August!

-Elaine Turner

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Steampunk: All-Con 2011

Steampunk is the theme for this years All-Con.  All-Con, like its name suggests, is a convention for everyone.  Anime, SF, Fantasy, and of course Steampunk.

Like all good conventions there will be many opportunities for performance art, costume contests, and cosplay.

This year we get to discover more about the aether and mysterium of the culture and fun of steam.  A growth spurt in the genre has a record number of people venturing into the realm of the ‘future past’.  All-Con presents a fabulous opportunity to rub elbows with fellow Steampunks and vendors to help this wonderful genre grow even more.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on who’s who and what to do:

Steampunk Events:
Steampunk Paranormal Romance author O. M. Grey

What Lays Beyond the Aether  Basic Steam Punk

Altering the Aether

Steampunk Alchemy: Turning Unwanted Clothing Into Steampunk Gold

Cracked Monocle Games

Suck It In  Corset Basics

Making The Best Leather Masks

Burlesque Performance

Steampunk Ball

Steampunk Music and Dance: Current and Future Trends

Gurps Steampunk

Cosplay Tea Party

Multicultural Steampunk Ensembles

Not necessarily Steampunk related, but really darn funny:

Geeks: How To Get Some Action At A Convention

Zombie Dice

Hitting yourself stylishly in the head with poi!  Poi Spinning

Don’t Lose Your Geek Card

Geeky Girls



Several Airships will be attending with their crew, as well as Steampunk societies such as the superb Steampunk Illumination Society.

Yours truly will be there with her own airship and event table: The Airship Nocturne.  Look for the bright crimson corset and bandoleer with a tea-cup and saucer.  It’s me.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the best, brightest and friendliest Steampunks that the region has.  Please come tip your hat and exchange pleasantries at this years All-Con!

All-Con takes place:

March  18th-20th

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Midway Road

Addison TX

Ticket and Reservation information can be found here:

Steampunk Illumination Society:

Airship Nocturne:


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Writing Steampunk Fiction

I let my mother show my precious query letter to a colleague at work. Normally I would not just hand something so prized to a stranger, but at one time he had worked in publishing so an educated and unbiased opinion would be fabulous.  His response: When was the movie coming out?

It was gratifying (ie I was giddy & emboldened) hearing positive feedback from a veteran, but after a few polite rejections from agents my confidence is flagging.  Thankfully I happened upon this funny and quite accurate little tidbit.

Guide to Literary Agents – QueriesAndSynopsesAndProposals.

It lists the 5 stages of querying:

1. Conceit

2. Fear

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

I personally think I’m still in the bargaining stage…which makes me quite anxious to imagine what I will be like in stage 4.


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