Airship Revenant: Rogues of the Empyrean

Airship Revenant 

This will be the first full length novel in my Rogues of the Empyrean series.  Due out early Spring 2013.

Short Summary

In a world where Nations are stock piling weapons and researching the most advanced Mechanization there are those who will do anything to stay one step ahead of them, that will fight to keep their way of life from being obliterated.  They are the Rogues of the Empyrean.
North Norland is a rogue, smuggler and sky pirate.  His only honorable trait is that he always finishes a job.  He is also one of the most brilliant minds on land or sky.  His love for mechanization is only rivaled for his love of money.
Eloise is a librarian, and a lady.  She is also the only member of her family not to be in the scientific field of Mechanization.  Then her parents go mysteriously missing.  Her older brother suspects foul play.  He goes in search for them but he never comes home.  Eloise is alone with one clue.
With nothing to lose she seeks out North.  Except he wants nothing to do with her, until she shows him her clue.  A thick stack of her parents blueprints, months of work and research.
He suddenly agrees to take her on board and help her unravel the murky mystery surrounding her parents, but only if he can have the blueprints.  She agrees having no other alternative.
Together with the Airship Revenant’s crew they will venture from California, South Asia, Arabia and beyond to find her family and stop the dark organization that wants the secrets that Eloise and her family hold.

One response to “Airship Revenant: Rogues of the Empyrean

  1. Doc Zepp

    8 April 2011 at 9:44 pm

    I enjot the thought of this very much and will be there, Doc Zepp


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